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Character Relations

Loki Laufeyson
God of Mischief, Mayhem, and the Internet.
The Box

Alma Karma @readingtoponds
Soon to be adopted little boy that brings out all of Loki's fatherly feelings. He is more than happy to stop at any point and regale Alma with stories and entertain him with illusions. It has been far too long since someone reacted to Loki with the joy and instant affection Alma has done, and he wants nothing more than to have the boy keep seeing him that way.
Bruce Banner @aggravated
Unexpected roommate with an anger problem; possible parental figure. Loki was completely unaware that he needed a Bruce Banner in his life until he found himself rooming with one. Now he finds himself wanting to keep on Bruce's good side for more than just the fact that getting punched by the Hulk kinda hurts. Bruce has been not only accepting of him, but supportive, something Loki desperately needs in the absence of Thor.
Celestia Ludenberg @gokingenyou
Super High School Level Gambler, which means really fun to play cards with. Celestia was one of the first people Loki really met, and in no time at all they were gambling. He is actually impressed with her skill, and curious about her; it is obvious she is keeping secrets, and Loki is sure they are interesting ones.
Czeslaw Meyer @eatthemfirst
Little boy who does not act so little after all. Loki does not know much about Czes, but the boy has perked his curiosity by being a friend of his other self, and not acting much at all like he would think a boy his age would. Plus, he was smart enough to be ready to attack Loki upon realizing he was not the Loki he knew, which actually gains him points.
Edward Nygma @questionslinger
Police man with occasional bad ideas but seems to get shit done. To Loki he seems one of those morally good types (though it does not quite match up with his friendship with his other self, so he is wary). He is currently in Loki's good books and is someone Loki will feed information to if he think it will help... or he wants someone else to go look into something Loki himself will not touch with a ten-foot pole.
Emma Frost @parentprogrammed
Former super-villain turned school teacher turned convict. Loki has vague memories of and plenty of gossip about Emma, but respects her as someone who turned good after a lengthy span of being evil... something he is trying hard to do. He tries to not think about how she is technically a terrorist right now; it ruins the hope of the situation.
Erik Lehnsherr @metalminded
Quite possibly Loki's most favorite person in the Box. Who knew Magneto was actually pretty cool? Erik is one of the people in the Box Loki might admittedly consider a friend. Seriously, not only does Erik approve of his murder dog, but he is willing to play cards with him for fun. That kind of behavior gains some serious loyalty even from a Chaos God.
Hugh Argyros @indoctrination
Doctor of some sort that owes Loki a favor for bringing him a murder dog. Loki's interest is definitely piqued, though he does not know much else about Hugh at this point in time.
J.A.R.V.I.S. @voiceinstarkshead
Not actually a butler but an AI that acts a lot like a butler. Loki is kinda confused at this point.
Loki Odinson @trick_or_treat
Yet another version of himself that he is entirely unsure what to actually do with. He half-hates him just on principle, because he is too much like what Loki used to be and no longer wants to be. Still, this Loki has not gone so far down the path he his old self. It makes Loki want to reach out and hopefully turn his other self back before too late. But that means facing too many truths that are painful enough for Loki to carry around in his own chest, for a cause that might already be lost.
Natasha Romanoff @black_widow
Alternate version of shifty killer SHIELD agent. Loki is wary about Natasha because he knows just how smart she is; any normal human that can play amongst god and superheroes as an equal needs to be treated with caution. However, he did save her, and he will so wield that as a shield (pun only slightly intended) against her.
Party Poison @gloryisbullshit
Druggie who did not believe in his abilities but is now a fan. Loki initially did not like Poison at all, but after proving his point and giving him some bunny ears, he is appreciative of the proper respect he has gotten from him.
Raphael @theangryturtle
Pretty cranky teenage turtle thing. Raphael is pretty prickly, but interesting enough. So far, not someone he would go out of his way to help nor screw over.
Raven Darkholme @studieswaitressing
Not the mutant assassin Loki knows but a still hot younger version of her. Raven has good marks towards her by being a friend of Twyla's and Erik's, and also liking Vilhelm. He is not particularly close to her yet, but she is someone he likes and is planning to get to know better. He knows what she has the potential to be, and is all too happy to encourage the badass assassin part of it.
Scott Summers @isright
Super serious mutant terrorist straight man. Loki has no real opinion on Scott either way, except that he has to admit he is really fun to screw with.
Steve Rogers @neverdanced
Baby Captain America all fresh from the ice and smelling like patriotism. Loki does not hold a grudge against Steve for the whole Avengers thing (he kind of deserved it in all universes), but he is another on Loki's list of people way too fun to mess with. Really, how can he resist?
Swamp Thing @madeofplants
Cranky Man-Thing rip-off who does not like Loki's dog and thus is an Enemy. Kill it with fire. Except he is not that mean any more. ...maybe. Do not push it, Fern Boy. Loki might be over reacting, oh, a lot.
Twyla @hyoscine
New BFF with awesome taste in nail polish and breakfast goods. Twyla has quickly become an important person to Loki, in terms of the Box. He feels she is way too nice to be here, and it makes him want to protect her even though he knows the whole superhero gig is not his thing. He does not understand her innate acceptance of everything and her utter kindness; she is like Thor with a hundred percent less testosterone and about fifty percent more sugar, which is really surreal because Thor has always been the nicest person Loki has known. Twyla is one of the people he will protect without question, and share his goods with. Especially if she makes him more pancakes.
Tyler Simms @babywarlock
Cute warlock boy with totally deadly magic. Loki relates more with Tyler than he has let on. His own magic is not so obviously problematic, but he knows plenty well how power corrupts. He definitely wants to see Tyler's magic in action, and is quietly hoping he will figure out a way to circumvent the danger of Tyler using it.

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