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The Box App

Player Information
Player name: Gabe
Contact: moesuke @ AIM | beastandkey @ plurk
Are you over 18: Yes
Characters in The Box Already: None

Character Information
Character Name: Loki Laufeyson
Canon: Marvel-616
Canon Point: Issue #14 of Young Avengers
Is your character Dead, Undead or Alive: Alive

Marvel Wikia Entry

Loki as a young adult is an odd case as he is actually the third iteration of Loki. He was preceded by the original Loki (henceforth called Classic Loki) and his reincarnation as a child (henceforth called kid Loki).

Some time ago, Classic Loki had made a deal with Hela, who oversees Asgardian dead that do not enter Valhalla, and got his name struck out of the Book of Hel, so that when he died in defense of Asgard, he was resurrected as a thirteen year old boy in France. Thor awoke the boy to his true heritage, and he became kid Loki. Classic Loki, however, had planned for this. He had made a copy of himself and placed it in the form of a magpie which kid Loki called Ikol, his opposite, as kid Loki wished to change and become a force for good, not evil. The magpie acted as kid Loki's guide and also ultimate downfall. Classic Loki had planned for kid Loki to stay only long enough to create a new place for Classic Loki to exist in the world, having regained the trust of Thor and Asgard. In the end, Ikol betrayed kid Loki, killing him and taking over his body.

The merge did not go quite as Classic Loki planned. Instead of Classic Loki being truly reborn, a third Loki was created who was a mix of both Classic Loki and Kid Loki in both intentions and personality.

The next we see of the third Loki is after he has decided to manipulate Billy Kaplan aka Wiccan, who is destined to rewrite the rules of magic in the multiverse, by encouraging Wiccan into unleashing an interdimensional parasite and then reforming the Young Avengers in order to stop it. The full synopsis of his time with the Young Avengers can be found here.

At first glance, Loki is a hip, witty young man, full of natural cheer and charisma. Even those who know very well that they should not trust Loki have a hard time following through and keeping their shields up around him. As innocent as he can look and act, however, Loki is forever a schemer, always ready with a plan to turn any possible situation to his benefit.

Loki's scheming is such an integral part of him it has become something like a bad habit. When he reveals his scheme involving Wiccan he says "I didn't want to do it. I wanted to do it so desperately." The dual nature of this Loki, caused by the merging of the past personalities, is what separates him from his predecessors. He has Classic Loki's desire to control and conquer, using people around him simply as chess pieces. This sociopathic tendency is directly opposed by kid Loki's influence, which manifests as a deep-rooted guilt for his wrong doings. He struggles throughout the run of Young Avengers, though it is only revealed in full at the end, between his desire to use everyone and "win" at the game he is playing, and his own guilt along the desire for the companionship of those around him (for instance, he gets genuinely upset that the others think he had been lying after he has been given back his adult body, but not his powers).

In many ways, despite having memories dating back a thousand years or more, Loki is very much the teenager he looks like. He is a personality in flux, not quite sure who he wants to be any more or what he wants out of life, though he knows he does not want to go back being what Classic Loki was: a villain who does nothing more than come up with grand schemes only to be defeated time and time again by the forces of good. He also, however, does not have the same desires as kid Loki did, to become some force for good. He is currently straddling the line of chaotic neutral and investigating both sides. His near future will shape him for better or for worse, but for now he is, as one of the writers of him has mentioned, neither a villain nor a hero.

Items on your character at canon point: Clothing, Starkphone, knife, two small pouches, one which has money, credit cards, and a fake id, and the other which has a small jar of strawberry jam.

Abilities, Strengths and Weaknesses:
- Physical: As a Frost Giant with many of the attributes of an Asgardian, Loki is significantly more powerful and more durable than a normal human being. He is able to lift several tons of weight, resist bullet fire, and take most superhuman strikes without injury.

- Magical: Loki is a gifted sorcerer, though his magic is slightly more subdued in places that are not Asgard. He can augment the strength of himself or others, shows the abilities of a telekinetic, can create illusions, teleport, travel across dimensions, and shapeshift.

- Loki is of a genius intelligence, and an extremely fast learner (his thirteen-year-old self once learned an ancient language in an evening, and considered that a "difficult" language). He is a master of the Xanatos Speed Chess trope.

- No one screws Loki over worse than himself. Most of his plans come back to bite him in the ass one way or another, either because he's screwed someone over, someone has screwed him over, or he's sabotaged himself out of sheer guilt. He gambles big, and when he loses, he does so splendidly.

- He schemes even when there is no good reason to. He over thinks every situation and gets himself into trouble that he could have avoided if he could just resist sticking his fingers into the pie.

- Anyone who knows him or some version of him knows that trusting Loki is a dumb thing to do. He's Loki. He can get blamed for something even if he was honestly sitting at home watching My Little Pony the whole time.

Network/Action Spam Sample: Prose Log Sample
Prose Log Sample:
So this is what Midgardians felt like when they had had one too many of those delightfully colored shots at a club. Loki quietly prided himself on the fact that he was not in a stranger's bed, his underpants were nowhere near his head and he could not see any newly tattooed skin. Humans wished they had hangovers like a Norse god.

Except Loki realized he had no memory of drinking, nor any other questionable activity that would lead to him waking up not knowing where he was. In fact, he would have been quite upset with himself if he had managed to lose control that badly, so the idea that this was someone else's fault, while disturbing, was something he had to approve of. Loki frowned as he sat up from where he had been lounged across what he realized what a theatre seat. The large screen in front of him was pitch black, but there was just enough light for him to see the silhouettes of the stadium seating. No expectant movie goers or annoyed cleaning staff. Interesting.

He swung his long legs under him and stood, making his way out of the aisle and down the steps. The hallway outside the theatre greeted him with silence.

"Spooky," he announced the air. "Very 'zombie apocalypse'. I like it." Never know who could be listening. Anyone capable of kidnapping him was not likely to be the sort to just dump him somewhere and wander off. No, they would be keeping a close eye on him.

Now all he had to do was figure out who "they" were.

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