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Sep. 25th, 2017 07:57 am
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My name is Kyra, and I'm a dork, who somehow brings you THIS piece of work, Frank Castle, AKA the Punisher, from Daredevil/MCU/Whatever.

Please be gentle with me as a brand spankin' newbie to your awesome game (that doesn't mean you need to be nice to Frank, though!) I just made me a plurk [plurk.com profile] mindkittens so feel free to add me there for plottings and such. I can't wait to play with y'all!

-1 Zack

Sep. 25th, 2017 01:09 am
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Hey guys. Sorry for dropping two characters in one month, but I've realized someone like Zack isn't exactly a good fit for a long term game like this. I hope you understand.

On the bright side, I'm still going strong with Dorian [personal profile] theothermrgray and I plan on apping someone hopefully better suited for Wonderland. Thanks!

+ 1 bomb-ass lich

Sep. 24th, 2017 09:40 pm
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My name is Mey and I am completely new here. Go easy on me, please!

I'm bringing in Lup from The Adventure Zone. To those unfamiliar with the canon, The Adventure Zone is a D&D podcast about the awful adventures of a trio of assholes. Lup is a bit of a walking spoiler character, so if you have any interest in avoiding spoilers, please look away and shoot me a message to avoid tagging you. The reveal is worth it.

I'll throw shit under a cut just in case )

first skin ➳ video/text

Sep. 24th, 2017 01:05 pm
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[Someone didn't exactly have the funds to really use or own something this like homes. Backwater didn't really give you much in ways of disposable income and when everything went to shit so did the cell towers.]

How the hell's somebody supposed to actually-

[So, there you go. You get a brief glimpse of Daryl's face- the blood on his jacket and the tattered state of his clothes. Oily hair, and old sweat. The critical look on his face is masked by trying to really get a glean of how he's supposed to regularly use it and for about two minutes he's just scrolling through feeds while his camera is rolling.]

"Woodbury," mean anything to anybody? I'll be at the perimeter. Don't bother showin' if you don't fit the requirements.

[Whatever trip this was supposed to be. Daryl puts his hand over the camera, it's not like he buys into there suddenly being network communication anywhere. Before the feed goes dead (because he finally figures out how to turn it off) you get a look at the crossbow in his lap, and the knives hooked into his belt.

After closing, he manages to send a small text. Something he knows only his crew and the rest of the survivors will understand.

Governor. Tank. Geeks. Rendezvous ?

The kids are all right

Sep. 24th, 2017 12:11 pm
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Who: Cissie King-Jones, Kon-El, Tim Drake, Bart Allen, Jon Kent, Damian Wayne and anyone who happens to be near the right part of the Youth Center at the right time
Where: The Youth Center, specifically the movie corner... and Hogwarts' Great Hall
When: BACKDATED to the second part of the event, so... somewhere between 9/18 to 9/22
Rating: G, probably. Even if Damian is involved.
Summary: HOGWARTS. That's all.
The Story: Bart tried to set up a movie night, which is a good idea... except when you're in the middle of a Wonderland Event which can turn a viewing of The Princess Bride into an hour at Hogwarts.

[For OOC reference, the rip turned the movie viewing part of the Youth Center into the Great Hall at Hogwarts, a la this event. Feel free to put up starters and mingle with each other! A lot of mischief can be done in an hour, but just try to keep in mind that due to the nature of this event, the radius and scope are limited to a 15 foot radius... hence the Great Hall, for better chances at inter-house mingling.]

[CLOSED] A morning chat

Sep. 23rd, 2017 09:50 pm
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Who: Ben and Caleb
Where: Caleb's room
When: Sept 23
Rating: PG for now?
Summary: Two friends enjoying some of each other's time.
The Story: idk i'm not witty )


Sep. 23rd, 2017 03:40 pm
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Who: Seth Gecko and Chloe Decker
Where: Someone's room
When: Mid-rip event
Rating: PG 13 for drug use, drug addiction, talk of drug addiction, a lot of cursing
Summary: Others get vampires and magical schools, oh my. Seth gets his addictive nature cranked up to a billion. Thanks Wonderland.
The Story: Why Seth doesn't make promises )


Sep. 23rd, 2017 11:44 am
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Who: Claire Fraser and Caleb Brewster
Where: tea room on whatever floor is convienient
When: post-event
Rating: PG for approximatemy 1 F bomb
Summary: Claire is doing some mending and she won't mind sharing what she knows.
The Story: semi-okay knitter attempts to teach someone how. )

+ You did it! +

Sep. 23rd, 2017 11:07 am
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Hey everyone! That was some event, huh? A LOT happened, and we're here to recap some major plot-related highlights! For the purposes of this recap and in the interest of brevity, that will be mod-initiated parts and posts/logs featuring an NPC appearance, but there was a lot going on so if there's something you feel should be in the recap, then throw a comment on this post and add it!

You )

ANYONE WHO RECEIVED AN ITEM MAY STILL USE IT AFTER THIS EVENT. Most of the Wonderland items have a specific amount of times they can be used (ranging from one to five) and if their uses have not been exhausted already then they can still be used after the event. If it is an NPC summon item, please hit up the mod journal BEFORE you post, so we can make sure the appropriate mod will be around at the time.

Annnd that should be about it! The event is officially over as of right now. We hope you guys had a lot of fun with this one! We got some pretty big reveals and interesting twists and it's all thanks to YOU, the players! So thank you so much for making this event as awesome as it was! ♥

~ Koji

+ Activity Check +

Sep. 23rd, 2017 04:35 am
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Time for the August-September activity check!

Here are some directions. )


Sep. 22nd, 2017 06:35 pm
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It's strange. When you're out in the muck and the mess of the war you find yourself dreaming of getting away from it, but then you end up in a place like this with glowing magic traps and you think, "Ah, you know, maybe it weren't so bad back there!"
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Who: Mettaton, Sayaka and our special guests, the Playing Cards!
Where: The gardens
When: Backdated to September 17th
Rating: I’m going to assume PG unless something happens?
Summary: After a bit of hilarious back and forth, these two idols realized their special gifts from Wonderland go together. Now it’s time to attempt to puzzle out how to use them and see what happens.
The Story: Not pink, not green, not aquamarine, we're painting the roses red! )
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So. Question. How many people have gone home and come back... different? I don’t mean older or wiser or emotionally, but, like, powers. Has anyone come back to Wonderland with powers you didn’t have before? How’d you handle it?

What were they like, your new powers?

[Asking for a friend. >.>]
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[Sent to: Tim Drake, Conner Kent, Jon Kent, Cissie King Jones]

Ok, team movie night. You have one hour to meet me in the Youth Center before I come looking. That includes you, Tim. Anything else is inconceivable.

P.S. I'm bringing popcorn and pizza.

[And with that, Bart goes back to getting set up. It's not like they can't reach him anywhere.]

[OOC: Feel free to find him setting up to grab his friends and sit them down for a nice showing of "The Princess Bride." He's not going to toss anyone out, although rift shenanigans are an option.]


Sep. 22nd, 2017 03:47 pm
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Given the various reactions so far, I'd have to speculate that this isn't normal. Even for a place such as this. Despite my short stay here, I've managed to gather that most events - as wildly unpredictable as they are - have some order to them. Whether that order intuitively makes sense or not is subject to debate, of course.

This seems a bit ... chaotically sporadic, if you will.

[ there's a pause, and the tone remains pleasant, though it does sound a bit more curious now and much less authoritative. ]

Has this happened before? This variety of chaos? Looking at the reactions of others, I'd assume that's a "no", but... it doesn't hurt to ask, after all! Are we all just lucky winners of a contest we didn't enter?

[ read: he hates this. every bit of this. you don't even want to know the rips he's encountered. ]
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Who: Sam Winchester and the Duchess
Where: The ballroom
When: September 16th, late
Rating: PG-13 to be safe??
Summary: Sam has a magical, Wonderland spool of thread, and knows someone who could use from a few stitches...
The Story: and that's a fact )
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Who: Tim Wright and oh god not another event log
Where: Anywhere
When: September 18th - 22nd
Rating: PG-13
Summary: Between a trip to the Mirrorside and a visit to the Core, Wonderland was playing havoc.
The Story: when we lost what made us whole )
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[Sans is here, and he looks--a little off. His eyelights are a bit fuzzed, for one thing--and for another, he looks almost...openly nervous about something. Which, if you know him, is a bit strange. He's usually pretty damn good at keeping his expression neutral.]

[He's still smiling, of course, because he's a skeleton, and it's physically impossible to stop smiling.]

well, there's one of those rift things near my door, and it looks like my cat set it off. which i guess means it's honesty hour in room 220 and probably nearby as well. which is extremely--unpleasant, because i'm really not big on tellin' the truth. which is incidentally the truth.

[There's a little voice in the back of his skull that's telling him to shut the hell up, but he can't help it. He can't even just switch the video off and try to ride this out somewhere where no one will try to ask him questions. It feels like he needs to metaphorically bare his soul to anyone willing to listen.]

[There's a scale of things he doesn't want to be honest about, though, so he's hoping he can deflect any impending conversations toward something more benign. Something that won't be as big a deal to be honest about.]

hey, so does anyone else feel like this event is building toward something really bad? because this whole thing is making me pretty nervous. i think it'd be freaking me out more if i was capable of it, but--yanno--depression and all.

[This is gonna really, really suck.]
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Who: Raymond Reddington and You!
Where: Anywhere
When: During the event
Rating: PG
Summary: What if Raymond Reddington came home on Christmas Eve, stayed with his family and lived a normal life?
The Story: I once had a relatively normal life– bills to pay, playdates, family, some friends, people to care about. )

two, two, two posts in one.

Sep. 21st, 2017 07:41 pm
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How can you tell when someone's really gone versus when this place is just messing with you?

[ and then, in a separate VIDEO post... ]

I received this picture in one of those digital frames. It's no one I know or recognize, so I figure it must belong to someone here. So, if someone near and dear to you isn't, um...

[ She looks down, trying to figure out how to phrase this. ]

Exactly human? Or of Earth. It's probably yours.


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