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Entranceway App.

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Character Name: Loki Laufeyson (Ikol)
Series: Marvel-616, specifically Journey Into Mystery, Young Avengers, and Loki: Agent of Asgard
Timeline: Loki: Agent of Asgard #11, right before
Canon Resource Link: Loki Laufeyson (Earth-616)
Character History:
Classic Loki
In the Marvel Universe, Loki (called Classic Loki here on out because the number of Lokis involved in this app are too damn high), was the Norse God of Mischief, Chaos, and Evil. He was the son of the frost giants Laufey and Farbauti. At a young age, he conspired with his elder self (who had time traveled to the past for this event) in order to be adopted by Odin, the King of Asgard, and his queen, Freyja.

Though now technically a prince of Asgard, Classic Loki was never accepted as Asgardian save by his closest family, especially his foster brother, Thor. As he aged, his bitterness against the Asgardians grew, and his deeds turned from mischief to evil. For many decades, he fought against his brother, Thor, and attempted on multiple occasions to conquer Asgard and/or Earth.

Classic Loki has over sixty years of comic book history, most of which is not particularly relevant to the current Loki past "was an evil super-villain that tried to take over the world and generally screwed everyone over." However, there are some past events involving him that still have some far-reaching effect on the new Loki, mostly involving how people perceive him, which will be briefly mentioned here:

- He beat the Disir, a cannibalistic group of Valkyries, in hand-to-hand combat and forced them to serve him. He traded them to Mephisto, a lord of Hell, in order to give Hela, Goddess of the Dead, space to store the dead that came to her. In return, Hela struck his name from her Book of the Dead, so that he would always be reincarnated.

- Classic Loki had a relationship with Loralei.

- After Ragnarok, Classic Loki stole the body of Sif and used it as his own for several months as he manipulated Baldur.

- Classic Loki was part of a Cabal of villains, most notably Norman Osborn and Doctor Doom.

One of his last acts in life was to convince Norman Osborn, who was leading a group of evil Avengers at the time, to attack Asgard. However, Norman unleashed the Sentry, who had gone mad, on the realm, who destroyed it. Having wanted to conquer Asgard, not destroy it, Classic Loki sacrificed himself to stop the Sentry, ultimately dying.

Kid Loki
Classic Loki, however, did not go to either of the Norse Underworlds. He had struck a pact with Hela, the Norse Goddess of the Dead, and gotten himself marked out of the books of the dead. This assured he would be reborn whenever he died instead of following the normal path of a god. He was very shortly reincarnated into the body of a twelve-year-old Parisian boy named Serrure, who lived on the streets playing card tricks for money. This child version of Loki has the moniker "Kid Loki" to distinguish him from Classic Loki.

Thor, who had desired to bring his brother back in the first place, soon found the child. After a short chase, he was able to convince Kid Loki of his real identity and managed to return some of his memories. However, Kid Loki could only remember up to the point of being about thirteen, and he had none of the cruelty of his previous life. Hating how he was treated by those around him, he set out to prove himself better than the god that had come before him.

Like with Classic Loki, not all of Kid Loki's actions have an effect on current Loki. However, some notable events:

- Kid Loki was close friends with a handmaiden of Hela named Leah. It turned out that he had written her into existence. He sent her back in time to protect her, and in doing so inadvertently created Hela -- Leah grew up to be her.

- Kid Loki freed the Disir from their curse.

Kid Loki nearly succeeded in becoming the better god. In the end many Asgardians came to be fond of him, and he was in general considered to be, if not good, at least not evil. However, he fell into a trap that had been set before he had even awoken as the God of Mischief.

Which brings us to the Loki this app is actually about, the third and youngest Loki.

Unbeknownst to anyone else Classic Loki had made a "copy" of himself and placed it into a form of a magpie. The purpose of this magpie, which Kid Loki called Ikol, was to wait until Kid Loki had proved himself good to enough people it was advantageous for Classic Loki to return. Ikol accompanied Kid Loki and manipulated the situation behind the scenes until it lead to Kid Loki being forced to make a choice: die, or allow Mephisto to control an object of incredible power called the Fear Crown.

Kid Loki chose to die, and Ikol took over his body and his name. It is unclear exactly what happened in this exchange. Ikol became Loki, and, in doing so, seems to have become his own person. While Ikol had sentience of some sort as a magpie, he later points out he had no choice but to kill Kid Loki, likening himself to a murder weapon. Classic Loki was the murderer, Kid Loki the victim, and Ikol was the weapon.

In the moments following taking over Kid Loki's body, Ikol/Loki seems to have gained free will. In a summary explaining what happened to Kid Loki in Agent of Asgard #11, Ikol is described as an "echo" of Classic Loki, that somehow became the new Loki after Kid Loki's death. He seems to retain some memories of Classic Loki's life, but they are fragmented. For instance, he cannot remember why Classic Loki hated Thor so much, nor if Odin ever hugged Classic Loki as a child, and he was at a loss for detailed information about Doom, someone Classic Loki spent much time with and knew well, even though he has general knowledge about him and pretends like he is an old friend.

Young Avengers
Kid Loki had been completely devoid of magical power. The new Loki had some magical ability, but nothing along the lines of Classic Loki. Eager to gain the same heights as his predecessor, Loki hatched a plan to get Billy Kaplan, the young superhero known as Wiccan, to restore his power. He gathered a group of "Young Avengers," pitting them against an inter-dimensional parasite called the Mother (who, of course, he had lead their in the first place).

During his time with the Young Avengers, he quickly began to have a crisis of identity. While his actions were perfectly in line with what Classic Loki would have done, Loki suffered guilt from them, often haunted by the spectre of Kid Loki.

His plan, as it was, worked almost flawlessly. Billy, convinced that restoring Loki's powers would end the threat of the Mother, gave him a new body, older than the one he had stolen from Kid Loki. However, the spell did not return Loki's powers to him. It was not until, in the midst of a battle in which one of the other Young Avengers took a blow for Loki, Loki broke down and confessed everything to his teammates, that his godly powers came to him. It turned out the only thing keeping them from him was his own guilt.

The Young Avengers, understandably, cast him out. He left them, but not before secretly funding a celebration for all of those who had fought against the Mother and destroyed her.

Loki: Agent of Asgard
Now on his own, Loki set out, much like Kid Loki, to redeem himself. It was revealed that gods are stories, and, depending on what stories are told about them, the universe tries to conform them to their tales. Faced with all the pressure of the tales told about Classic Loki, Loki struck a deal with the All-Mother, a triumvirate consisting of Freyja, Idunn, and Gaea, who together ruled Asgardia (what Asgard had become after its near destruction) in the absence of Odin. He agreed to take on missions from them in exchange for having Classic Loki's crimes marked out of the history books. These missions included things like saving Thor from an evil he had been infected with (during which he also wiped the Avenger's databases of anything having to do with Classic Loki, just for good measure), capturing Loralei (or, well, trying to), and Sigurd (who he told to get captured so he could break into Asgardia's dungeons ... he was not a particularly good agent).

While "rescuing" Sigurd, Loki found evidence of something he had feared: the All-Mother had been working with an evil version of himself. He had assumed it was Classic Loki, returned from the dead twice over, but instead it was a future version of himself, an evil Loki (called King Loki) who had destroyed all life on the planet Earth. In this future, however, Asgard was having a golden age under the rule of King Thor, and so the All-Mother wanted it to come to pass. King Loki's own goal was to make sure his younger self turned evil as he did.

Disgusted, Loki quit working for the All-Mother and struck out again in an attempt to change his fate.

Interlude: Original Sin
When the Watcher died and much of his knowledge was let loose into the world, Thor found out that he had a half-sister that had been kept from him. Though his parents refused to admit it, Thor got Loki to join with him in investigating the Tenth Realm, a realm Odin had sealed off from the rest of the universe. Loki helped Thor break into it, revealing Heven, a Realm populated by angels who lived according to the laws of give and take. Thor almost instantly got into battle with them and was captured.

Loki, however, snuck into the palace and threatened the life of the Queen of the Angels. Impressed, she had tea with him, and offered him a place in her hierarchy. Taking the title Mistress of Strategies, Loki promptly set about leading the angels on a siege against Asgard.

Of course, she did not tell them that Asgard was now a dead realm, and all of the Asgardians lived on Asgardia instead. While Thor was busy escaping, Loki destroyed the entire fleet of angels she was given by ramming them into an invisible force field. She then collected Odin, who had locked himself away in Asgard with his brother Cul, telling him of the danger the angels faced. Together, they were able to push the angels back and stop Thor from killing the "angel" who was actually the sister he was searching for.

Back to Loki: Agent of Asgard
Family troubles aside, Loki's goal to escape his fate was again sidetracked by Doctor Doom, who had also met his future self and saw what he had done to the future Earth. Doctor Doom attempted to lock him in a block of suspended animation forever, but he was saved by a mortal friend he had made named Verity Willis, a woman with the ability to see through any lie. She convinced Doom to release him after helping save Latveria (Doctor Doom's home country) from World War Hate, a telepathic attack by the Red Skull that caused people to turn on one another.

Before Loki and Verity could return home, however, Magneto appeared, saying he needed villains to fight against Red Skull. Doom and Loki agreed and joined the fight. During the battle, a spell cast by Doom and the Scarlet Witch went wrong, inverting everyone in the immediate vicinities alignment. This turned Loki Lawful Good, complete with a self-righteous Paladin attitude. He told Verity they could no longer be friends as he had more important to do, he started dating the also inverted Enchantress, and joined the Avengers.

In a battle against the superheroes that had also been inverted, Loki fought Thor. He lead him to where Mjolnir had been dropped, and in the midst of the battle wielded it against him. However, that victory was short-lived; the spell was broken, and Loki was left the same god he had been, save for one thing: he could not lie.

Unable to tell even a misleading joke, Loki revealed the murder of Kid Loki to his brother, only to be faced with Thor's rage. Thor beat him senseless, but, being unable to stomach killing him, took him to instead to Asgardia and left him at the mercy of the assembled Asgardians there. Abandoned by them and soon exiled by his mother, Loki’s situation only got worse as he came face-to-face with his future self once again.

At which point canon stops, at least until March.

Abilities/Special Powers:
– Being a frost giant, he is significantly stronger, more durable, and faster than a human being.
– Loki is a renowned sorcerer of incredible strength. However, it is implied that he purposefully keeps these abilities limited as his new self, as his power corrupts him. Some noteable powers he does use more liberally are shown below.
– His shapeshifting power has been limited; he can only become himself. However, Loki identifies as both male and female, a fox, a magpie, and even a unicorn at one point, so 'himself' is open to interpretation. He cannot, however, become a fly, because he is not a “tiny, buzzing sort of person.”
– He has been able to sneak into Red Skull's mansion and steal a key from his pocket, even though Red Skull had Professor Xavier's telepathy at that point.
– He has shown an ability to multiply objects, sometimes in the hundreds.
– He can create illusions detailed enough that Coulson believed he had Loki locked in a containment chair, when it was actually that Loki had Coulson locked up.
– He can find weak points in magical barriers and open them.
– He can create magical alerts for instances such as someone walking into a geographical area.
– He finds techonology simple to break into, breaking into the Avenger's database and deleting an entire host of files from both their and SHIELD's databases in about five minute's time.
– He can create wards on buildings or vehicles.

Third-Person Sample:
Everything was in pieces. Slumped in an over padded chair, trying to ignore how his ribs twinged from the way he was slouching, Loki wondered if suddenly being whisked away and imprisoned in a strange dimension was the best or worst thing that could have happened to him at this time in his life. On one hand, he got a break from the insanity that his actual life. On the other hand, now he had to deal with someone else’s insanity on top of it.

Perhaps it was for the best, part of his mind said. He had heard rumors that those who stayed here too long began to forget parts of themselves. Memories just washed away like they were never there. Would that not be nice? Not having to worry about Verity, about Thor, about any of his past or future selves, because he simply could not remember them. It would be so much easier.

“But when did I ever make things easy on myself?” he asked the air. He struggled to sit up, wheezing as his body protested the movements. No, he would not give up and let this place steal the life from him bit by bit. He was Loki, and Loki he would remain, memory sucking mansion of doom or no memory sucking mansion of doom.

Of course, that left how he was going to combat this issue. There had to be some way to record whatever goings on he was going to experience. Loki spent a long moment in thought before catching sight of his network device.

“Dear denizens of the mansion, let me introduce you to the phrase ‘do it for the Vine.’”

First-Person Sample:
I thought getting trapped in wacky themed dimensions was an X-Men thing.

[ The face of the Loki who looks into the camera is tired, worn as if he has aged far too fast in too short a time period. The bruises certainly do not help make him look younger. ]

I am sure I would normally have something very clever to say, but at the moment I simply wish to know where there is alcohol. Copious amounts of it. Preferably by the barrelful.